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Infinity Train

I recently finished Infinity Train and wow it was amazing. It’s rare I enjoy a TV show, but Infinity Train was 5 out of 5 stars. The show was really dark. Three people died in pretty graphic ways. There was no blood, but still. Plus there was a lot of violence, and dark themes. The concept of a train with infinite cars that could be anything and the passengers are people who have problems that they need to solve by working their way through the train is a really cool concept.

The creator talked about wanting to make a fifth season that would finish the arch of Amelia Hughes. I would love to see that soooooooo much. She is my favorite character in the show. (slight spoiler warning) She’s such a tragic character, and I can sympathies with her so much. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my SO. It’s hard to imagine a world without them. How do you move passed that. I know if I passed on though I’d want my special person to live the best life they can, and I’d imagine that’s how Alrick would feel too.

As much as I’d like to see a final season I doubt will see it. Cartoon Network hasn’t green lit it yet and I don’t they’d want to air a show without a child main character. It would be really cool if Owen Dennis published a comic book series for the last season, but I highly doubt he would get the rights to make that. Oh well, I guess will have to settle for the fan fics and head cannons.


Getting My license

I recently got my license! It took me a long time, but I passed the test. I know most people get it in their late teens, but I had a bit of a phobia, so I wasn’t ready to get it then. Getting your license in your 20s isn’t all that strange though. A lot of people don’t get it till later for various reasons. It took me a lot of time and courage to get mine, but when I got it I was on cloud 9.

I was so nervous about taking the road test. I didn’t want to schedule it at first. I wanted to wait till I was ready, but I realized that if I waited till then I’d be 3,893 years old. But much to my surprise I passed on the first try with points to spare. Personally I think I lucked out, and I think it’s crazy the test doesn’t include a lane change. Since getting my license I haven't parallel parked once, but I have done a bunch of lane changes. Lane changes are scary and dangerous. How many people die a year in parking accidents? Probably not many, but how many people die in failed lane changes? Probably more than parking deaths.

I’ve been driving for a little while now and it feels so surreal. I’m getting use to it, but it’s still very scary. Thankfully I haven’t crashed or anything yet and I hope to keep it that way. I feel like I have a long way to go before I’m ready to drive across the country or become a NASCAR driver, but I’ll get there. If you're struggling to get a license I say find something that motivates you and go for it! For me the motivating factor is I wanted to live in the woods far away from people. I’ll probably make a video on this at some point in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

EDIT: I Finaly Made A Video On This! You can watch it on YouTube Here


The Niche Struggle On YouTube

I’ve been making YouTube videos for some time now. One thing you always hear in YouTube growth circles is to “Niche Down”. They say you should pick one topic and stick with it. This makes a lot of sense to me, many of the channels I watch focus on one topic. But I really hate feeling boxed into one subject. Some of the comedy channels that have inspired me have covered a wide verity of topics. I don’t want to be stuck making videos on one niche, so I haven’t. I make videos on whatever I want on my channel. Recently, I’ve made a lot of videos on MBTI topics. I like making the videos because they are fun, and they get a good amount of views. I’ve noticed a few interesting things about writing comedy.

It is very hard at least for me to make comedy videos on things I’m deeply invested in. For example, I had a miserable school experience, but I never made a video on the topic. I’ve wanted too, but I’ve found it so hard to write jokes without it becoming a rant. I’ve also wanted to talk about witchcraft and my thoughts on spirituality, but I always find those videos too preachy. If I care too much about a topic then my videos aren’t funny, which isn’t good for a comedy channel. But on the flip side if I care about the topic then I don’t make the video, and if I do, it’s boring. So I need to find this weird balance between passion and apathy. Fortunately the 16 personalities fit perfectly in the Goldie Locks zone. I find the topic fascinating, but I don’t care enough to get preachy or rant. So for the time being I’ll continue to make the Myers-Briggs videos, and I’ll cover any other topics when the muse strikes.