Secular Witch

Most people who identify as witches believe without a doubt in the supernatural. Personally I’d love to believe in something beyond the physical, but unfortunately to this day I have not experienced anything I could consider ethereal.

Despite this, I still sincerely believe in the value of magick. I enjoy casting spells, making Sigals, meditating, and using tarot cards. None of these practices require nonphysical processes to gain real benefits.

When I cast a spell or draw a Sigil, I’m putting all my attention on one goal. I feel more confident in my abilities, and I’m able to visualize the steps necessary to achieve my intentions. It also helps me reduce the anxiety associated with the task. In the future I can look back to my spell work or Sigils to help me gain confidence and calm my nerves. I know this won’t help everyone, but it can be very helpful to me.

Even divination can be helpful in non-mystical ways. While I can’t speak for all methods of divination, I have found tarot to be very useful. I’m not convinced that when I pick a card from the deck the universe is trying to send me a message. However, when I pick a card I have to think of my circumstance from a different angle. Sometimes it doesn’t make much sense, but other times it can help me see things in a new light. When I have been stressed or overwhelmed using tarot has calmed my mind.

One day I hope I see something that proves the existence of supernatural magick, but until then I remain skeptical. I got into witchcraft because it looked fun. Spell casting, divination, ritual it’s all a blast. I don’t think you need to believe in mystical or religious witchcraft to get into it. If you think it looks like fun go for it, you may find very tangible benefits, even if it’s just joy that is a great effect.

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