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Who Is The Comedifin?

The “Comedifin” or Jerry Fishfelt is the name I gave to a clown fish plush toy. For years, I’ve used it as a puppet to express some bad puns or jokes, I’ve come up with or heard. When ever he delivers the punch line he turns around and waves his tail fin saying “Ba-Bamm!”. I came up with this character as a kid, but it has a special place in my heart. So I’m glad to give him a web page.

Q: Why would a ghost make a terrible politician?

A: They are too transparent!

Source: Me

Q: Why didn’t Dracula get married?

A: He was afraid to have a son!

Source: Me

A squirrel walks up to a bird who is building a nest and asks “how do you build your nest”. The bird turned and said “I don’t know, I just wing it!”.


Q: Why Does Santa Have 9 Reindeer?

A: Because John Deer was already trademarked!

Source: Me

Q: What’s The emperor's favorite kind of tea?

A: Dynasty!

Source:Disney Dad Jokes